Chef Job Burns, Celebrating a 50th Birthday Dinner Party with clients. 

Petit Peninsula Cafe, Breakfast, Brunch, Farmers Market

  • Busy Day Cooking & Catering is excited to announce our new partnership with Dunham's Run Estate Winery. Ask for more details about booking your next event with Us! 

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Job Burns, Private Chef, Personal Chef, At-home meals, meals on wheels
  • Busy Day Cooking & Catering's was a great success! We had so much fun with all our guests at the Mahogany Manor Bed & Breakfast! Stay Tuned for more exciting events! 
Providing: Personal Chef Services, Private Chef Services, Catering, Prepared meals, Healthy Meals, Lunch, Snack, Breakfast, Brunch, Event Catering

The "Petit Peninsula Cafe", located at The Original Peninsula Farmer's Market 863 Rte 845, Kingston Community Hall, Kingston Peninsula, NB

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"As I sat pulling weeds between the cart coral of a retail giant's parking lot, I thought to myself… I can’t do this for the rest of my life. What do I love to do?”.- Chef Job Burns, Owner. Busy Day Cooking & Catering was Founded in June of 2012. 

With a focus in affordable healthy food for busy Individuals, without breaking the bank! With a variety of experience in the culinary field from breakfast, to pub fare, gourmet cuisine to event catering Chef Job Burns decided to bring Restaurant Principles & Experience into clients homes. He began working with clients for Corporate parties, Dinner parties & Custom Cakes during his time as a university student during holiday's and summer break. 

In July of 2015, Busy Day Cooking & Catering was approached by clients to began an Affordable Weekly Personal Chef Service. Working with clients to develop custom taste profiles, Busy Day Cooking & Catering introduced an In-home prepared meal service that significantly reduced clients grocery costs! By using a restaurant standard FIFO inventory system, customers save money by eliminating wasted food helping their budgets run more effectively. Busy Day Cooking & Catering works with clients to create menus that fits your Health and Wellness goals. 

Busy Day is proud to offer it's clients with a Convenient, Affordable, Healthy alternative to processed foods. This unique In-Home Chef Service offers clients with 4-5 prepared Home-made meals, Lunch, Snacks, and Breakfast options for the whole week, in one day. Imagine getting home from work to the smell of delicious food, a spotless kitchen, and a well-stocked fridge... No more waiting in line at the grocery store on Saturday morning, meal planning, and washing pots and pans Busy Day Personal Chefs do it all, with an average rate of $315.00 including groceries & service for a family of 4.   

In June of 2016 Busy Day Cooking & Catering began operation of the "Petit Peninsula Cafe", located at The Original Peninsula Farmer's Market 863 Rte 845, Kingston Community Hall, Kingston Peninsula, NB. After an incredible year getting to meet so many wonderful people, we are looking forward to service again next May! Join us for Breakfast at the Petit Peninsula Cafe from The first Saturday in May - Mid November!

As Chef Job finishes University this May, Busy Day Cooking & Catering is accepting clients and preparing a full launch by June of 2017!!  

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